lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

My Biography

My name is María Fernanda Meza Bainori,
I have 19 years of age, born here in Obregon Sonora. I have two brothers live with my parents and my 4 dogs :) I left the primary school at age 12, then enter the technique 56, after graduating from between the COBACH and the university I am studying in ITESCA obregon the best of all :) My hobbies are painting and playing with my dogs ♥ ♥ _ I love chocolate, I like the vanilla cake and I'm too angry.

Fortune Teller

"My predictions for my future life" What the crystal ball holds for me in the future are the following predictions, narrated by my best friend ♥ :) Questions: Think I may get me the lottery some day? The ball of fortune predicts that may have the opportunity to get you the lottery in 60%. You think I may be a successful woman business? Yes, you will is to be a successful woman business. mMgic crystal ball, you think one day I get married and have children? yes, your will, marry and have kids. you can also say that you become a famous painter known worldwide. oh! Really? Yes, you will.

my predictions about the future

I will graduate with honors of itesca
I will travel for around the world
I will need a massage
I will sell my paint.
I will meet in person ben affleck,
I will need to rest and sleep.

Next Semester resolutions

The next semester will be my goals and objectives:   apply myself much more in class. Im going to pay close attention to my teachers. Im going totry not to have any delay. Im going to get me to an English course. Im going to try not to fail any.

domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

My summer vacations

My last vacation I went to 2 places, first Huatabampo went to visit my grandmother, and a beach that is in the same place and is called Huatabampito.
I went with my family and friends of my family was amazing. I was about a week there.
The second week of being there for us back here, to obregón but a couple of days we went a few days in San Carlos and visit the different beaches that are in that place were very comfortable holiday.
some of the best that I have had ☺

interviewing my Friend♥

1.- What is your favorite class? My favorite class is Math
2.- When was the last time you went to the beach? the last time I went, it was the last vacation.
3.- Who was your first 2 friends? My first friends were Lucia and Carlos
4.- What is your favorite animal? my favorite animal is the dog.
5.- What are your hobbies? They are playing chess and sleep.
6.- When you had your first boyfriend? My first boyfriend I had at age 16.
7.- Who are the people who most want? Are my dad and my mom.
8.- what are your goals to make? finish school and go to live abroad.
9.- who are you now? my best friend and my dog.
10.-When was the last time you went to the lake? the last time was last week.
11.- when is your birthday? my birthday is on May 5.
12.- What is the matter that most hate? but hate the stuff is history.
13.- When was your last party? My last party was last year on my birthday.
14.- What is your favorite color? is pink
15.- How's your best friend? His name is Fernanda.